Sprayable Maple Syrup 

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Over the past year and a half as we've sampled Start Right's Belgian Waffles in stores and at local events, people have continually asked us:

"Where's the syrup??" 

"It's too messy," we'd reply. Or "our waffles don't need syrup!" While both responses were the truth, it seemed we were severing an unbreakable tie, that of waffles and syrup; a breakfast combination more essential than bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy, or even green eggs and ham! But starting in May, waffles and syrup will reunite once again!

Introducing our newest product: 100% Pure Maple Syrup in sprayable form!

"What!?! Maple Syrup that sprays out of a can? How is that possible?"

It's simple, really! Each can is filled with 100% pure maple syrup, and nothing else! No additives, no preservatives, and no propellant. Instead, the syrup is dispensed using Bag-On-Valve technology, a system that uses pressurized air to squeeze a bag within the can to dispense the syrup. That means you can spray the can from any angle, and enjoy every last drop of delicious maple goodness!  Just aim, spray, and savor. No mess, easy to use, less waste, or just plain cool!? It's all of the above! In any case, we want to you to be one of the first users in our breakfast revolution.

What about the waffles??

We've got you covered! Along with our Sprayable Maple Syrup, we created a brand new, whole-grain version of our gluten-free, high-protein pancake & waffle mix! Pick up a combo pack today and your breakfast is solved!

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