Trail Name: River Scene Trail                      Difficulty: Moderate

                                Special Features: Great Views

Last weekend, it was finally time to check out Castlewood State Park. Since moving to St. Louis over 3 years ago, I can't tell you how many times I have been recommended to go there. As someone who loves to hike, it's a shame that I didn't take people's advice earlier, because Castlewood has a lot of great trails to offer to hikers of all levels.

I found a website catalogue of Castlewood hiking trails here: 

From this, I thought the River Scene Trail would be a nice place to start. It started off with some elevation, but it wasn't long before that the climbing paid off and I was able to see the river.

Castlewood River Scene Trail River

The trail was dirt with very few rocky portions. It wound through the trees, presenting varying views of the river.

Castlewood State Park River Scene Trail

The trail took me past the train tracks by way of an old tunnel. The train tracks are in use by Amtrak. I know because just as I was wondering if the tracks were functioning, a train rushed past.

Castlewood State Park River Scene Trail Train Track Tunnel

Past the train tracks and after descending gradually for awhile, there was a sandy, swampy lowland area. I don't know the technical term, but it was an interesting terrain to look at.

Castlewood State Park River Scene Trail

Overall, my favorite part of this trail was the rocky ledge overlooking the river. I would do this hike again. It was a nice length of about an hour and a manageable difficulty for me as an intermediate hiker. I felt "worked out" at the end, but it was definitely nothing I couldn't handle. In fact, I did a second short hike afterward because I was so excited about the other trail options at Castlewood.

Castlewood State Park River Scene Trail Overlook

Have you done the River Scene Trail? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!