Exercise Friendly: 7/10                           Family Friendly: 9/10  

                  Special Features: Lake, Birds, and Flowers

The spring warmth is creeping its way in lately, giving me just another reason to want to go out and check out new parks. This time, I just drove around and used Google maps to search parks nearby. And this is how I came upon Clifton Park. It's a neighborhood park, and its configuration is really unique in that it is mostly located in a valley or basin type dip in the landscape and is surrounded by houses on winding roads.

The park was originally a private park for Clifton Heights subdivision residents, but it was eventually conveyed to the city. The city bought the adjoining land and enlarged the park before opening it to the general public.

About half of the park is filled with a pond and fountains. There are geese to watch and a sign describing the plants including milkweed, which provides a home for Monarch butterflies. There is also a "pollinator habitat" planted specifically to provide a safe place for bees to reside!

 The path headed toward the lake

The path headed toward the lake

Clifton Park Geese
 There was a beautiful variety of ducks

There was a beautiful variety of ducks

Once I explored the pond and path area, I actually thought that was the whole park until I realized that there was another large plot of land with a playground and a basketball court.

On my way back to where I started, I walked past the pond again but this time, from above. I came upon this little patio area. I could see myself going back when the sun is shining and doing some meditation and enjoying the nature. 

Clifton Park

Overall, Clifton Park is simple, but it definitely offers a nice place to go if you need a playground, a basketball court, or if you enjoy wildlife.

Have you been to Clifton Park? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!