Simple and user-friendly, this 9 acre park offers a track, fields, and a playground.

Exercise Friendly: 8/10                        Family Friendly: 8/10                        Special Features: Track

When it was time to check out another St. Louis park, I was blessed with a beautiful blue sky and brisk but bearable temperatures. My strategy for finding the next park was by using the St. Louis MO government website, I went to the category “shared trails” because I was looking for somewhere that I could have a nice run. The second park on the list after Forest Park was Francis R Slay Park. So, I laced up my running shoes and grabbed my camera to check it out.


I took I-44 to Arsenal street and then a left on McCausland. It came up so fast that I drove right past it. It sits on plot of land lower than the streets so it was easy to miss driving 50 miles an hour. After a quick u-turn, I had arrived.

Francis R Slay Park Parking Lot


The parking lot was empty and the winter breeze suddenly seemed much more cutting. Despite the somber vibes in the air, the park was a great place to do exactly what I came for-- run! There is a two-lane, well kept asphalt track that encircles the athletic fields. One lap is equal to one mile. I put in my earbuds and pounded out some laps. I enjoyed the view of the sky and the little baby trees that have been planted.

Francis R Slay Path


In addition to the track, the park has a soccer field, a baseball field, and a tennis court. They are all for public use and reservable. There is also a nice playground which makes the park family friendly.

Francis R Slay Playground


Overall, Francis R Slay Park is simple and user-friendly. Despite its somewhat strange location below surrounding roads and next to an old railroad, it appeals to walkers, runners, those looking for a field or a court, and kids.