My name is Jenna and I am joining the team at Start Right as the marketing intern. I really look forward to this opportunity to build the Start Right community and to help people take simple steps toward a healthier lifestyle.


I am a senior in college just beginning my last semester at Saint Louis University. I grew up in Joliet, Illinois; a southwest suburb of Chicago. I study business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in English.


I made the connection with Start Right at an event for Saint Louis area startups called "Startup Connection." I found myself at this event because I have dreams of a future in entrepreneurship and I saw the event as a great learning and networking opportunity. I saw Clint give his elevator pitch and sought out the Start Right table afterward where I spoke with Kyle.  


I noted things in common that I had with the Start Right mantra- healthy eating and an active lifestyle are very important to me. I started dancing at age 6 and continued nearly daily training in modern, ballet, and tap dance until the age of 18. I was a member of my high school poms team for a year and of marching band for two years. I grew up horseback riding on the weekends with my Mom and I still have a horse and ride every day over the summers when I am home. Since going to college, I stay active by going to the gym daily or jogging or biking outside. I am on SLU's equestrian team and horseback ride whenever I get the chance as well.


I feel so lucky that I was raised in a healthy-eating household. My mom rarely ever had unhealthy snack options around the house and the meals she prepared for our family were what I would consider healthier than average. She and my dad were also surprisingly accepting of my decision to become a vegetarian when I was nine years old. She taught me the basics of cooking and I subsequently taught her vegetarian recipes.


Throughout high school, I never realised how great it was to have someone planning healthy meals for me when I had no time. My first year at college challenged me immensely to eat right. I was on a meal plan including ten meals per week in a dining hall that offering limited vegetarian options and unlimited unhealthy food. After that year, I have since lived in an apartment with a full kitchen and really appreciate being able to make my own dietary choices. I spend a lot of time researching not only what is best to eat for an active lifestyle but also what is quick and convenient and will fit into my busy schedule.


Start Right is a company that I am happy to join because I appreciate that it has the health of people in mind and also keeps it real by offering convenient options. So, here's to my start at Start Right and to many posts to come.


 Here I am hiking at Mammoth Cave National Park  The photo at the top of the page is me competing at a local horse show on my horse, Motion.

Here I am hiking at Mammoth Cave National Park

The photo at the top of the page is me competing at a local horse show on my horse, Motion.