It's that time of year again. The third week of the New Year is fast approaching, and already my mind is spinning trying to organize and prep for my Monday. Red and green boxes stand at attention in the corner, yearning for the return of their ornaments and decorations. Piles of clothes are peeking through the hamper, and the dog just went on a muddy pawprint rampage through the entire house. Real cool, Levi. And with dusk fast approaching on this icy, miserable Sunday, my window of opportunity to get in my weekly long run has all but diminished. It’s times like these when the questions start flooding in, all with a unified theme: why are you trying to be a runner again?

Truth is, I haven't fully answered that question yet. It's been about 5 years since I laced up my spikes for the last time in Austin, and I'm not even going to admit how many pounds ago that race was... But here I am, for the umpteenth time since I hung up my jersey, trying once again to get back to a semblance of my "glory days." But this time seems different.

Obviously, setting a New Year's resolution to run a marathon this year provides a certain level of motivation, but it goes deeper than that simple pledge. This time, I have a team again! No, I don't have a flock of sinewy sidekicks grinding out the miles on the cold, unforgiving roads of St. Louis like I did at Mizzou. No training partners, no coach, and no real guide, save my old training logs. Instead, I have something much more inspirational than any of that. I have highly motivated teammates at Start Right, all focused on making 2017 an amazing year for our company, and I’m thankful for the overwhelming positivity (and scent of waffles) that greets me each morning I head into work. And rather than keep that energy to myself, my goal is to make this blog a platform for inspirational stories, bright moments of strong will, and of course an outlet for rants and subsequent commiseration for everything going at Start Right, because it's hard to keep that New Year's Resolution on your own! So whether your goal is running a 5k, improving a skill, or living a healthier lifestyle, I hope in some way the stories and anecdotes we share will help you achieve anything you put your mind to! Better yet, I hope you comment on these posts so we can hear your stories of motivation and will power, adding fuel to our inspirational fire!

And now that I’m completely amped up, I better get out there and get my 7 miles in! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017 for everyone reading this blog. Be sure to check back when you’re running low on motivation and hopefully we can help refill your tank! Until then, take it one day, one mile, and one step at a time.


37.26 miles (2017)