It all started when...


That's quite the question! For breakfast, the answer is protein. For entrepreneurship, there are always a few more ingredients yet to discover, but it helps when you have the right product to start! Co-founders Clint and Kyle were lucky to stumble on Start Right's delicious, high-protein waffle recipe and were immediately hooked. As former collegiate athletes, both had come to believe all high-protein foods were chalky, dry, and nearly inedible based on their experience with post-workout protein bars and shakes. Yet here was a product that was delicious, convenient, and packed with the right balance of carbs and protein for a healthy morning. Nearly two years after their first taste, Clint and Kyle are more dedicated than ever to fuel everyone's morning with protein! 

Join them and the rest of the Start Right team on their journey to make Start Right Foods the ideal choice for a high-protein, convenient breakfast.